About Global Success Club

The Global Success Club (GSC) is an exclusive B2B network whose mission is to support the international and sustainable growth of innovative companies by connecting them together in a worldwide network. To this end, GSC provides a platform to bring all the players and organizations involved in fostering international trade and innovation under one roof.

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The members of the Global Success Club are not only international and innovative companies but also organizations that are associated with them. The users of the platform are the executives of these companies and organizations. Global Success Club creates a network of innovative companies from all sectors, countries, and regions who want to network with each other worldwide with a focus on internationalization. Through collaboration with other organizations (e.g. Chambers of Commerce and sector specific associations) that are committed to the development of international growth and innovation, we are able to provide our members with these organizations' offers, services and information in an easy-to-digest fashion.

Within a broad community, these interest groups can also network with each other. Interactive features, such as forums, blogs, and wiki make it effortless for members to share their experiences and knowledge with one another.  Service companies that add value to the members of the Inner Circle through their services are also welcome to the Global Success Club community.
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In the Inner Circle, which is a separate and private area, companies (both global players and SMEs) have the opportunity to share experiences and exchange views on relevant issues. These members can be alone amongst peers without being disturbed by any kind of advertisement. The users of the Inner Circle (executives of member companies) can also use the advanced search function to search among their peers based on specific know-how and expertise.
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In addition to a global networking opportunity with like-minded executives, members of Global Success Club also receive high-quality, structured information spanning foreign trade and business-related issues.

For in-person meetings, networking, sharing experiences, and gaining knowledge from experts, the Global Success Club's venue is an ideal location for such smaller events. Customized events, such as roundtables, fireside chats, and workshops, are also part of the services offered by Global Success Club.

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