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The Global Success Club (GSC) aims to support the international and sustainable growth of innovative, medium-sized enterprises by connecting them together in a global network. In order to further support these firms' entry into and development in international growth markets, we gladly welcome the assistance of any media publicity.

We are happy to provide further information to journalists and press officers. In short, we can offer you a diverse selection of informational content, as well as the option to exchange experiences and share information within one of GSC's exclusive groups. For this purpose, we offer you free membership in our community and thus free use of our information portal, along with its many features.

Do you belong to the business or economic press? Do you have an interest in sustainable internationalization, global business relations, SMEs, innovation, or international growth markets?

If you're interested in our club or if you have further questions, please contact Mrs. Işınay Kemmler at press@globalsuccess.de


Press Coverage

"Ela tem diretores de empresas nas mãos", Jornal Corporativo, 11. August 2014

Interview with the Global Success Club CEO Işınay Kemmler about the B2B network for executives and its unique characteristics.

► "Es gibt nur noch interkulturelle Hürden", IP Länderportrait Türkei, Nov./Dez. 2013 

Interview with Global Success Club CEO Işınay Kemmler on the attractiveness of Turkey as an investment location and prospects for Turkish-German trade relations.


The Turkish-German Innovation Summit 2014 in the Press (a selection)

► Commercial Vehicles World, 11. November, 2014

"Türk-Alman İnovasyon Zirvesi Yenilikҫi Şirketleri Frankfurt'ta Buluşturdu" (Online)


► Makinatek, October, 2014
"Yenilikҫi Sanayi Şirketleri İnovasyon Zirvesi'nde Buluştu" (PDF)


► Ost-West-Contact (owc.de), October 24th, 2014
"Deutsch-Türkischer Innovationsgipfel brachte Industrie und Wissenschaft zusammen" (Online)


►The official Website of the German-Turkish Year of Research, Education & Innovation, 27. Oktober 2014
"Der erste Deutsch-Türkische Innovationsgipfel brachte innovative Industrieunternehmen in Frankfurt zusammen" (Online)


►Ost-West-Contact, 10/2014
"Perfekte Ergänzung" - Interview with Işinay Kemmler (PDF)


The official Website of the German-Turkish Year of Research, Education & Innovation, 22. September 2014

"Interview mit Frau Kemmler, Geschäftsführerin Global Success/ Gt- Innovation Summit"


► Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.), 11. September 2014
„Investoren nach Frankfurt holen - Erster türkisch-deutscher Innovationsgipfel in Frankfurt" 


► Dünya, October 22nd, 2014

„Işık: Yabancıların Türkiye'deki Ar-Ge Laboratuvarlarını destekliyoruz" (PDF)


► Dünya, October 10th, 2014

„Yenilikҫi Türk ve Alman firmalarının liderleri inovasyon zirvesinde buluşacak!" (Online)


► Kobilife, September 2014

„Türk-Alman İnovasyon Zirvesi İҫin Geri Sayim Başladi!" (PDF)


Press Releases

Presseinformation "Türkei auf der Überholspur" als PDF

► 24.Oktober 2014, "Der erste Deutsch-Türkische Innovationsgipfel brachte innovative Industrieunternehmen in Frankfurt zusammen" (PDF)

► 29.September 2014, "Der erste Deutsch-Türkische Innovationsgipfel  – eine Brücke für neue nachhaltige Partnerschaften im Bereich Forschung & Entwicklung" (PDF)


Media Kit

 Download: Unternehmensprofil, GSC und GSD (PDF)

 Download: Biographie der Gründerin von GSC, Işınay Kemmler. (PDF)

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