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In addition to background information and current news selected especially for you, knowledgeable experts and best-practice companies also contribute to the newsletter each month, sharing their own experiences with those looking to learn and improve their business.

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Newsletter Archive

 Special Edition 2015

► August 2015 - Opportunities for growth in the U.S.

► July 2015 - Traveling: Places to go, people to see

► June 2015 - Corporate learning in the digital age

► May 2015 - Innovating for a sustainable future

► April 2015 - South Korea: A hub for innovation

► March 2015 - Getting the most out of your patents

February 2015 - With Big Data comes big ideas

► January 2015 - Manufacturing vs. Services

► December 2014 - The pursuit of success & happiness

► November 2014 - How to get your hands on capital

► October 2014 - R&D - Optimize your innovation processes, minimize your costs

► August 2014 - Stay one step ahead - Protect yourself from industrial espionage

► July 2014 - Cruising comfortably across the globe

► June 2014 - Securing Talent at Home and Abroad

► May 2014 - Innovations for sustainable earth

► April 2014 - From BRIC to MINT

► March 2014 - The Future is now: Automation Today

February 2014 - IT security and cybercrime

January 2014 - Global Patent Race

December 2013 - Happy new ideas, world!

► November 2013 - Germany / Innovation

October 2013 - China / Medical technology

September 2013 - Russia / Construction sector

August 2013 - India / Chemical sector

June 2013 - USA / Machinery construction

Please note that the first two editions of our Newsletter were designed  primarily for our German readers and are therefore available in German only. They do, however, contain English elements: First, in our newsletter on Brazil you can find an interview with Mr. Luiz Francisco Pandia Braconnot, Deputy Council General of Brazil in Frankfurt and Head of the Commerce Department, on Brazil's incentives for FDI and a statement by Aline Figlioli, Head of the Department for Innovation of the Goiás Ministry for Science and Technology, on Goiás' attractiveness for IT-businesses. And second, our newsletter on Turkey contains an interview with Consul General of Turkey in Frankfurt, Ufuk Ekici, on Turkey's market and its investment incentives.

Due to the rapid growth of our international network, we extended our service to an English version of the Newsletter from its 3rd edition onwards. We hope you enjoy your reading!

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May 2013 - Turkey / Automotive Market

April 2013 - Brazil / IT-Market