Best Practice Interviews

Not only did they dare to enter growth markets as pioneers, but they also enjoy remarkable success on a national and international level our Best Practice companies.

They are exceptionally innovative and internationally well positioned. Sustainable growth is an issue that comes naturally to them by now. Our editorial team has talked to the decision makers of these global players. Read on, and let yourself be inspired by the interviews!


Our entire range of Best Practice interviews can be found here:

Rolf Königs, CEO - Aunde (German)

► Bjarne Sørensen, Senior Manager, Car Concept Creation and Communication - Bang & Olufsen (German)

► Luciano Lacerda, CEO - TOTVS (German)

► Michael Marhofer, CEO, and Frank Spitzer, Export Manager Asia - ifm electronic GmbH

► Ender Erat, CEO - Diehl Metering China

► Harald Kober, Vorstand - AL-KO Kober SE

► Dr. Basile Margaritis, CEO - Delta Energy Systems

► Dr. Wolfgang Scheiding, President of Business Development Kamax Holding GmbH

► Jochen Hantschel, Head of Technology Development REFUsol GmbH

► Prof. Dr. Johann Grabenweger, CSO - KHS GmbH

 Stefan Messer , CEO - Messer Gruppe

► Gordon Hunter, CEO - Littelfuse

► Dr. Bernd Schulte, COO - AIXTRON

Frank Stührenberg, CEO - Phoenix Contact

► Cem Kural, Director of R&D - Arçelik A.Ş.

► Michael Schneider, CFO - HAHN Automation

► Iffet Türken, Business Development Executive Board Member - Kässbohrer

► Ömer Karadeniz, Chairman of the Board - METE Plastic Industry & Trade, Inc.

► Georg Rötzer, Vice President of Corporate Marketing - Samsung Electronics GmbH


Are you a decision maker at an innovative, international manufacturing company? Would you like to share your international experience with others? We look forward to getting to know you!